How to Get Rid of Scabies Naturally at Home

How to Get Rid of Scabies Naturally at Home

How do you contract scabies?
If you are suffering from a persistent red rash [1] all over the body that causes both itchy and painful, then chances have come to tell you that you can contract scabies. In addition, seeking some best treatments to contract scabies without wasting any money is not always easy enough. Hence, following are top 7 natural scabies treatments that you should try to get relief quickly.

1. Clove oil 

Known as containing anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, clove oil is also an analgesic used to relieve the insatiable itch caused by a scabies infection. Following is how you apply the treatment:
• Mix olive oil with virgin coconut oil in a 1:4 ratio
• Rub this mixture on the affected area to let the skin absorb naturally
• Repeat the application within two weeks until you can notice any improvement

 2. Bleach 

Another remedy for scabies that works is bleach. Due to being rich in chlorine, it is used to kill the mite causing the infection. Following is how you apply the treatment:
• Prepare a large container
• Mix bleach with water in a 1:3 ratio before mixing it thoroughly.
• Rub the liberal quantities of this solution on the affected area by a cotton ball
• Leave it on so that it can dry naturally
• Take a shower afterwards

3. Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide 

Borax [2] and hydrogen peroxide are usually formed together to create a highly effective treatment for scabies. Since borax is a natural insecticide and fungicide whereas hydrogen peroxide is a anti-bacterial agent, they are used together to kill the scabies parasite and also reduce the next infection explosion. Following is how you apply the treatment:
• Prepare a bathtub with warm water
• Mix borax with hydrogen peroxide in a 2:1 ratio
• Soak your whole body in this bath for at least 15 minutes
• Repeat this process at least once a day until your skin condition can notice some improvements within weeks

4. White Vinegar 

White vinegar becomes an effective and natural treatment due to containing acetic acid, which help reduce the pH level of your skin. Following are how you use white vinegar to treat scabies at home:
• Mix white vinegar and fresh water in a 1:1 ratio
• Rub the solution on the affected area by a cotton ball
• Keep it in place for about five minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water.
• Practice the treatment for up to three times a day

5. Cayenne Pepper 

Before applying Cayenne Pepper, you need to make sure that your skin is not sensitive. Cayenne pepper will burn the mites without having an adverse effect on your skin. Following is how you apply the treatment effectively:
• Pour hot water into a bathtub and then add a cup of cayenne pepper to it
• Soak yourself in this water
• Take a shower afterwards
• Repeat the cayenne pepper bath once a day to get rid of your scabies within a week

6. Bush Tea 

Bush tea with its scientific name Lippia multiflora is an herb belonging to Africa. Bush tea is not only rich in flavonoids but also loaded with anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, which help you get rid of your scabies infection from the inside.
• Boil some water and take a cup and a strained filled with organic bush tea leaves
• As the water becomes hot, pour some through the strainer into the cup
• Add a tablespoon of honey as a sweetener
• Practice this tea at least three times daily

7. Tea Tree Oil 

Tea tree oil is effective as well because it balances the pH level of your skin and makes the environment extremely inhospitable for the scabies parasite. In addition, it is rich in terpinen-4-ol [3] which directly attacks and eradicates the scabies parasite. Following are the ways by which you can use tea tree oil to cure your scabies:
• Fill your bathtub with lukewarm water before pouring about twelve drops of tea tree oil in it
• Soak your whole body in this water for at least 15 minutes twice a day

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Top Natural Runny Nose Treatment

Runny nose is a winter-related disease that everyone can easily catch. Usually, it is caused by common cold, sore throat and excessive mucus in your throat and your nose.

Top Treatment For Nosebleeds

Nosebleed is a the most common problems among nose-related disease. It is caused by many reasons such as dehydration, common cold and other problems. You can use medicine to get rid of the problem. However, there’s better ways that you can make use of from natural ingredients in your house.

Here are some natural home remedies for nosebleed you can totally apply at home:

1.       Pinch The Nose

The easiest way to stop nosebleed is to pinch your nose. It can put pressure to the bleeding point and stop blood right away.

2.      Cold Compress

Cold compress is the most effective way to sooth the pain, especially for blood bleeding from your nose. For a long term, cold compress cannot tackle the bleeding but it will stop blood right away just in few minutes.

·         Take out some ice cubes from the freezer.

·         Wrap it with a clean cloth.

·         Directly apply on your nose where blood bleeds.

·         Leave it for a while for at least 5 minutes.

·         Perform the action for couples of times a day.

3.      Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is especially effective when it comes to treating health problems. It will quickly stop nosebleed and prevent too much blood loss in broken vessel.

Here’s how to apply:

·         Pour one full cup of apple cider vinegar in a bowl.

·         Dip a cotton ball into the bowl and apply into the bleeding nose and hold it for a while.

·         Repeat it for few times within 5 to 10 minutes.

Alternatively, you can drink apple cider vinegar dilute in one cup of warm water then drink to save time.

4.      Cayenne

Cayenne is has strong flavor, which makes it stop bleeding nose right away. It works wonders to put pressure on blood vessels where it bleeding the most and eventually, it stop it from flowing.

·         Add one teaspoon of cayenne powder to a cup of boiling water.

·         Stir them well then drink the solution right away.

Alternative, you can drink cayenne powder if you cannot bear the taste. There’s only one thing to remember is that you should consult doctor before taking medicine.

5.      Onion

Onion is a wonderful herb to treat any health problems which is caused by virus or bacteria. It is specifically effective to treat nose bleeding as it has natural fumes which can clot the blood.

Here’s how to apply:

·         Take out one fresh onion.

·         Cut it into thick slices and put it right away under your nose.

·         Try to breathe in all the fumes even though the fume is a bit hard to bear.

·         Leave it for few minutes and repeat the action as you find blood stops bleeding.

Alternatively, you can drops onion juice into your nostril.

·         Crush one fresh onion and extract the juice.

·         Infuse the juice into a dropper.

·         Use the dropper to drop into each nostril respectively.

·         Repeat for several times when you find your nose stops bleeding.

6.      Salt Water

Salt is a great tool in getting rid of excessive mucus and membranes that cause your nose to bleed. Besides, it works wonders to prevent your nose from dryness and stops blood from spreading once it happens.

Here’s how to apply:

·         Dilute ½ cup teaspoon of salt into a bowl of warm water.

·         Infuse the solution into a dropper and use the dropper to drop into each nostril.

·         Repeat the action few times throughout the day until you find your nose stops bleeding.

7.      Nettle

People have been using nettle to treat nose blood for quite a long time as it is loaded with astringent properties. Besides, it can enhance capillaries that trigger bleeding nose.

Here’s how to apply:

·         Crush a handful of fresh nettle leaves and extract the juice.

·         Infuse the juice into a dropper then drops in each nose.

·         Leave it for a while then blood will sure stop.